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Grand Warden Strategy

Posted By on Feb 21, 2016

Grand Warden offers many ways to be useful in raids. The Grand Warden has an aura that grants additional hit points for all troops within its range and can also give full immunity to damage some point. In the first printing, which offers not only many ways how the Grand Warden may be helpful in your raids.

008The mode determines how it is classified by clash of clan hack the defenses and how the Grand Warden behaves. This is a reasonable approach, but there is more to consider about it. You might think that the mode should always be the way that your troops are. In ground mode, it can get attacked cannons, etc. and must follow the path of troops. Air mode can levitate on the walls, Air Mines and also air defenses. You may run into an air defense or research Air mines if you do not have more troops fighting in front of Warden. What you want is to follow the troops you want to give special ability and you always want them to be in range. If you use it with Hog Rider you certainly need it in the air mode. You can support your main attacking troops with the aura of life.


The important question is who you want to support because The Grand Warden has a supporting task in your attacks. You can use the Barbarian King for tanking or cleaning, when we take a short look at the other Heroes you have a lot of the situation how to use or Archer Queen for removing remaining troops. Important for you is to watch when severe damage in the destruction zone starts to use the unique life Aura. Life Aura gives more health to all troops within its range, from 25% to 55%.TYou can use it perfectly with compositions that use a lot of troops.
You can always choose to use your Barbarian King with your attack troops or after to clean up and get the town down. The Grand Warden offers a wide range and can target structures. if you use Giant / Goblins, you will not see a significant benefit from the Grand Warden, because you focus on loot.

Always remember to use the right mode for your Grand Warden, depending on what you want to support and also decide if you use it in the beginning or end with your other Heroes.

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Instagram’s success has been so overwhelming that Facebook finish acquiring it by 1,000 million dollars in order to incorporate it into your own application. There are real masterpieces on Instagram, we will show you some tricks, like free instagram followers, so that you can make your own.

There are other programs for photos from your mobile as Camera + or Mytubo. However, Instagram seems wrapped in a halo of artistic style that is lacking major competitors. Many professional photographers who use the program edit snapshots and upload them to the internet within seconds. Of course, not all are good and there are other great photographers on Instagram. Anyway, if you’re trying to improve your photos in the Photo app, we leave about 10 tricks to enhance your photographs by mobile.

  1. Daily scenes Do not expect to witness a scene with a strong dramatic sunset or an exotic location. Sometimes the beauty is hidden in small things. An antique toy forgotten in a corner, a building that has caught your attention a hand of a young woman resting on a shoulder friend or nearly naked torso. Instagram teaches us that almost everything worth being photographed by our phones.
  1. Light. Plays with the contrast between light and dark areas, especially if you want to photograph a landscape. Do not worry if the light is not perfect because the filters will help you later.
  1. Play with filters. We have said that the strength of Instagram filters is acting as a sort of magic wand over the usually imperfect images of our mobile devices. In other words, the same picture can convey the most disparate feelings so it is not advisable to do all our work with the same filter or by choosing the first that comes to mind. Play with them and choose those that best suit what you want to convey in each picture.

      4.Profundidad app This app lets you add depth to snapshots, something impossible for lenses installed in all models of mobile phones. For that ypumust use wisely the Tilt-Shift blur feature that allows photography to create this effect.

  1. Angles and new perspectives. Do not you risk losing a good shot for trying to find the perfect frame. Many of the best shots are the ones that are taken from impossible angles.
  1. Combine your best photos. Undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to exploit the full potential of our photos and works best is to create a collage with a selection of our best photos from Instagram.

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Are you looking for clash of clans cheats, techniques to save a maximum of resources in Clash of Clans? In this tutorial you will discover the best ways to earn gold and elixir and exploit the best farm tricks in Clash of Clans.
Always try to attack troops with low cost elixir. When you are full of farm resources in Clash of clans, forget the full dragons attacks that will cost you more that you will earn! Prefer small troops as barbarians and archers. Rapid formation and cost is low. You can also use the goblins.

Do not be afraid of losing trophies if the loot is worth the effort. If the village is far too powerful compared to your troops do not be afraid to attack! Of the 400 K resources you may be able to plunder 200K. You are there to win resources, not trophies. Do not send all your troops with every attack by keep on hand will allow you to attack more often! And sometimes suffice 100 troops to loot all.

After several sessions Crystal farm league in clash of clans I found that the spoils were not very interesting. OR The league is the best league for me to be able to loot villages rich in resources or abandoned villages. Try to stay in this league. And yes, at the night people do not play Clash of clans (except you) and therefore their mines and extractors are not harvested, and you can enjoy it to loot and receive a nice booty in compensation for your sleep lack. Do not go wasting all your troops for a little loot. In Clash of clans must attack only when the loot is worth it.
Try to win 1 star when possible. To avoid descending into the Clash of Clans leagues try to destroy 50% of the village when possible.

Also, accelerate the production of your barracks. When you start a session in farm Clash of clans accelerate your barracks for 40 gems, this will allow you to attack almost non-stop for two hours. Always keep a few spells in case of problems. If ever a hidden reserve in a Clash of enemy clans town is filled with a beautiful loot, a rage spell can allow your troops from entering the village to loot the reserve. Clash of clans is still a game, do not forget to have fun, that is the most important!

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Fifa 16 successful broker Tips

Posted By on Nov 25, 2015

Buying and selling cards on Fifa 16 market is one of the best methods of gaining significant sum of coins in the game, that you will need to buy additional packs or individual players to complete your ideal team. If you want to be sucessfull card broker on Fifa 16 market, here are fifa 16 coin generator and some of the best practices that you can use.

With all these people buy packages, there will be a surplus of each player in the market. The supply is too high and demand is too low. Consequently, people reduce prices to sell players, which is why they always fall. Try to learn when new teams will be announced and sell each player that you own (who is worth more than 5k) as soon as possible. If you sell them in time, you will be able to repurchase same team a week later and have make huge profit. I did, but unfortunately I was on vacation and forgot to sell my cards. I ended up losing more than 500,000 coins that week. Do not forget these market crashes. Pay attention to the teams that are released and you can make millions.
The EASFC is a catalog in the game. If you look around in the console menu, you’ll find it. This catalog allows you to use coins and levels you earn to buy things from the uniforms of the bonds end equipment. You can buy incredible increases, for example. Many of them give you an extra 1,000 coins or more at the end of each game.

Not only it can increase the amount of coins you get for winning, you can also increase your stack trade watch list, among other things. Everybody’s dream is to open packages and get Messi, but guess what? That does not happen. I tested this, buying packages especially bronze. I took my club worth up to 180 million with these packages. How many cards as I arrived? One card worth about 20k. This is not worth the money I spent on those packages. I suggest you try the next method I invented that helps you stop buying packages.

Get 20-50k and spend it on bronze pieces. Any size you want. Note the number of packages you get, how much you spent, and how much money you made. Note the number of cards you get work over 5k and if sold. More likely than not, you will lose most of the money. Packs are simply not the way to go, unless you spent FIFA points to get them. To open a packet randomly from time to time, it is not hurting anything. I limit it to maybe a new gold every two weeks. Do not waste your money!

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Best Free Agents in FIFA 16

Posted By on Nov 16, 2015

FIFA 16 is based on most complete business transfer model, the list of free agents FIFA is taking shape, and there are certainly some bargains like free fifa 16 coins glitch. James Milner, Didier Drogba, and Yevhen Knoplyanka are three of the most talented free agents, but there are still plenty of big names left around. Free agents in the FIFA can be the difference between winning or losing a title. It’s never a good time with a solid starting lineup without quality to bring off the bench, forcing it to give the reserves a run out much sooner than you would like.

So, here’s a bunch of talent is still available for free, including its classification of FIFA 16 next to their names. Although it would be nice to see them find new clubs, the virtual world would benefit if they were still being touted around.

Isaac Cuenca

Things have not gone too well for Isaac Cuenca and their 16 first team appearances for Barcelona between 2011-2015. He was a highly valued end in the Catalan club after leaving a couple of years in its quarry, but before the end of its passage by the club, he was loaned to Ajax, where his chances were limited. Finally, the club and the player is removed, leaving to Deportivo on a 1 year contract. He made 27 appearances, but the struggling Spanish legue avoided relegation after a period of confusion and could not keep the club in Cuenca. He is a free agent with 86 agility, 82 dribbling and ball control 83 in the last game, so it might be a good choice.


Ilsinho has dedicated his career to drift from his native Brazil to Ukraine with Shakhtar Donetsk. There has been a mini-exodus of Donetsk because of the recent highly publicized turbulence in the area, and Ilsinho contract expired, making it available to a home. There is a possibility that it could return to Brazil, but at 29, if he made the move that probably would not be returning to Europe. It is a versatile midfielder who has offered at right back and right wing, but FIFA is classified as a central midfielder. If you are looking for pure star quality, Ilsinho is not your man. If you are looking for a solid, consistent and reliable to base a midfield, he certainly fits to that role.

Jonas Gutierrez

Jonas Gutierrez has endured extreme Newcastle career, but he is now without a club and probably looking for one last crack at the Premier League. The Argentine striker was diagnosed with cancer in 2014, and his life was in grave danger, but he made a remarkable recovery. However, he was released by the club over the phone, along with Ryan Taylor during the same call. It is a hard-working midfielder, typified by its 84 resistance rating, and could be a great signing for a top side Championship.

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The Inferno Tower, along the X-Bow, is the only defense which can be activated in Clash of Clans Astuce, in different modes. Unlike the X-Bow, Inferno Tower not change between what type of troops attacks, but you can change between multiple attack with constant damage, or one target and the increasing. What Inferno Tower mode you can use? Multiple attack mode is very bad for tank troops as the Golem, Lava Hound and heroes. A high number of troops BARCH or balloons really do not care about single target mode. The trouble is that the troops not only harming 5 targets while also removes all the healing effects of healers or healing spells. This makes is good against Hog Rider mode, Giant / Healer combos.

As most of the time the answer depends from case to case. While the Inferno Tower is used to be a exclusive defense, it can stop all the healing effects. In single player mode it can released the brutal damage, especially against Heroes, Golems and PEKKAS. First, Tower Inferno is not always as great a danger as you might think. When you attack Multi Purpose Inferno Tower with Golems you will crush it down with easy. Just make you think seriously about what Inferno mode tower may hurt more and create right strategy.

This is just the first thought what you have to do though. Just because Inferno Tower is in Multi-Mode is a sign that it is not affecting Heroes and Golems. I once read a guide it is recommended to take the Inferno Tower Multi-Mode with large hit points troops and single mode with a large number of troops – good theory, but not really useful. Almost 99% of all cases you’ll have to deal with Inferno Towers in the center and not much will happen on the road between.

When you are against a single mode Inferno Tower you have a little more freedom, but the best time is to drop Freeze Spell is when he attack PEKKA, Golem or Heroes. The first damage is not as high as you might expect for two seconds when you start hurting them.When fighting a Multi-Mode Inferno Tower, drop the Freeze spell at the same time targeting Wizard Towers. When you see the straw burning, drop your spell. Not before, not after! It will seek constant damage so you need to fight it as soon as possible!

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Swindle for PlayStation 4

Posted By on Oct 30, 2015

The Swindle is not the first work of Size Five Games, but it raises to a new level on the scale of the marketable, the line that separates indie games to consider those children who are practically result of the learning process of developer. This sneak’em up is now available via psn code app on PC, PS3 / PS4, PS Vita, Xbox and Wii U. One is this last version we reviewed, but lacks any distinctive feature over others.

Established in London, XVIII-XIX century. Scotland Yard is building a new safety device called Basilisk demon with which they will end all the thieves of the city. Our goal is to steal it, and we must begin with the foundations, from petty theft to assault banks, in order to become trained for this mission. As we sense, history is only a functional resource for steampunk setting and addictive gameplay.The game lasts a maximum of 100 days (one hit, either failed or successful). This is the time we have before the Basilisk reaches its final state and we, in that case, see the Game Over screen. If this happens, our progress will have been in vain, because our only option is to start a new game, which is not absolutely conserved. If your character dies, you will take another thief and try again. There is no limit, but you should keep them alive as long as possible, because we subsidizes consecutive wins with increasing bonus that multiplies the income earned in each assault.

This gameplay approach is quite common among many current indies, still real progress will not mark the skills and tools you need to buy, but your knowledge, the order in which you acquire, the operation of each mechanical patterns enemies will remain. The concept is interesting and addictive for those who like to delve into a game, but also implies that it is repetitive and occasionally frustrating. There is a manual save option that to enable us to correct our mistakes.

The Swindle requires reflexes, precision and patience. There are five “levels of difficulty”, as we acquire the passes that allow us access to a more advanced stage, and then we will be plunged into scenarios that demand great skill, not only by the combination of stealth and platforming, but for the vast amount of information that must be taken into account simultaneously: lots of space enclosed in the same variants in their actions and reactions, the resources we have available and so on. Its certainly one of the best games.

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It seems that Minecraft is becoming much more than just a game for kids, it seems that in future Minecraft will become a platform for serious gaming experience. To prove this fact, Télécharger Minecraft gratuit Telltale is bringing new adventure in Minecraft Universe – The Order of the Stone.

The youngest-adult users will encounter issues in this add-on that maybe they are something childlike as the explicit friendship, the concept of adventure “Happy”, but let us be honest, young players are the object and primary target. In some sense, game resembles of typical animated film. The story is developed at two levels, one for the little ones and second for little older audience. You must craft your sword, and that is one of the many connection points with the Minecraft original.That is also also reflected in decisions. Every decision is reflecting on relationship between the group of friends, but it will be difficult to maintain always happy status.

Something similar happens with the quests, that simplifies some of the mechanics of the original Minecraft, such as construction. At least, other aspects are better taken crafting, you must select the elements needed to create weapons or other objects in a reasonably similar way to which we are accustomed.This episode is named “Episode 1”, but the better title would be “prologue to Episode 1” because it ends just when everything starts to take shape. This is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact, it makes introduction to the second episode. Once again the cast of actors is sensational, and the voices are the best of the game. In this episode we find the voices of Patton Oswalt (Agents of SHIELD Ratatouille,), Brian Posehn (Mission Hill, The Sarah Silverman Program), The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series,), Ashley Johnson (Tales from the Borderlands The Last of Us,), Scott Porter (X-Men Night Lights Friday), Martha Plimpton (Raising Hope, The Goonies,) Dave Fennoy (Batman: Arkham Knight, Paul Reubens (Tron: Uprising)Corey Feldman (The Goonies, Stand By Me), and Billy West (Futurama, Adventure Time).

In the audiovisual, Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 1: The Order of the Stone is just what the title needed. And not for its technical section, but for what it is faithful to the original, while getting evolve to tell a story. Everything from the interface to the sounds are manicured, with jokes. Telltale has achieved the perfect balance between aesthetics of the game and the technology needed to tell a story in which the characters are animated, that every Minecraft fan will appreciate.

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